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I guess since you’ve stumbled across this part of my blog your actually interested in knowing a bit about me… so here it is?

My name is Sara. I live in Georiga (of the USA) and I am a painstakingly average and boring teenager. I am loud, insecure about some things, very angsty, and often come off as reserved on the internets. I have many interests but no special or outstanding talents - I enjoy video games, reading, motorcycles, drawing and writing, thinking, and typical things like that. In my spare time I tend to spew pseudo-intellectual BS, lift heavy things and put them back down, and sometimes longboard.

I am a quiet lover of life whilst still somehow feeling morose about it. I find it offering me many unique experiences, which (as an average human bean) I strive to collect. n__n It’s a shame I’m usually too lazy to do so.